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What's an Ecological Footprint?

It’s a measure of our impact on the planet - expressed as the amount of land that is needed to produce our resources, deal with our waste and sequester our carbon emissions. See Footprint Wales or download the Wales Footprint Report (3.9 MB)

Where’s the Dyfi Valley?

This phase of the project is focusing on the area around Machynlleth that includes Borth, Llanbrynmair, Llanymawddwy, Upper Corris and Aberdyfi. If you live anywhere in the Dyfi Biosphere area (download 90 KB map here) we’d be delighted to hear from you, but we don’t have the resources to reply in detail to Aberystwyth people yet. See also www.lyfidyfi.com

What’s the Dyfi Biosphere?

It’s a UN initiative that recognises special places for people and nature, where people are trying to live more sustainably. See the Dyfi Biosphere site.

How do I get my results?

Sorry! We couldn’t afford to create an online calculator so we will put your results into our calculator at ecodyfi and send them to you. We will break down the number of ‘global hectares’ implied by your expenditure pattern into the four themes in the questionnaire, comparing them to Welsh averages. Please put your email address in the “Personal Details” page if you have one.

Can’t I get instant results online?

Yes. You can do the very similar questionnaire at the WWF Footprint Calculator but we’d like you to do ours as well so that we have your results and invite further participation.

What’s this “further participation”?

It would be handy if you’d join ecodyfi, but we certainly won’t pressurise you. We will invite people from the Dyfi valley to meet one of us, to fill in a more detailed Footprint questionnaire. We are trying this one out, hoping that it will be more useful in predicting the effect of any changes people might be thinking about. Ideally, we’d do the same again in a year or two. We will offer you some information about options you may not have come across, for example local car sharing and recycling facilities. Also a goody bag.

Goody Bag?

Stocks permitting, we’ll put a low energy lamp and some information leaflets into a jute or cotton shopping bag for you. Free!

What will you do with my results?

They will be kept confidential. Your contact details will not be passed on. As well as giving you your own results, we will use all the results to estimate the collective Footprint of the community. Nothing will be published that identifies you.

Who’s behind the Dyfi Footprint project?

A partnership: at the moment, the Centre for Alternative Technology is working with local schools and ecodyfi is working with the rest of the community.

Can I help?

Yes! As well as doing the survey yourself, you could volunteer to carry out similar face to face surveys, either on our laptop or on a paper version. This might be with your friends and neighbours, or perhaps in a café or market stall. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or ring ecodyfi on 01654 703965.

Why is the Countryside Council for Wales paying for this phase of the project?

The Ecological Footprint is one of the indicators that the Assembly Government is using to monitor whether (and how fast) Wales is moving towards a more sustainable future - click here for further information.

How do I contact Dyfi Footprint?

Drop us a line ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or ring ecodyfi on 01654 703965.